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It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted to this blog. In that time a lot has changed for me which caused me to take a step back from cooking, and spend my energies in other areas. I have been working full time in a butcher shop in Hants County since June. I’ve been learning how to butcher meat as well as the many other aspects of the local meat industry.

Before I started working there, meat was a total mystery to me. I knew about the cuts that I liked but that was essentially the extent. Sometimes I’d read about a new cut in a cooking magazine or on a blog that I’d try but the how the where and the why were pretty much a mystery. I continued working at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, selling vegetables, and talking to my customers about the things I was learning throughout the week. I quickly realized that most people knew little and less then I did about the industry and that there are a lot of people who are interested in learning.

This past Saturday I opened up my own Butcher Stall at Alderney Market, where I sold pork and beef from Rocky Knoll Farm in Rawdon, Hants County, NS. By selling meat in Dartmouth, I’m hoping to achieve two things; 1) to give the people of Dartmouth a locally sourced meat vendor and 2) to use it as a place to help educate people on the realities of local meat. To help people understand where their meat REALLY comes from.

This web space is going to be one of the mediums that I use to help share that information. The look and feel of this blog will slowly change to discuss personal opinions and experiences of the food industry and although will still have some recipe submissions, the bulk of the content will change to relate the information I’m learning on a daily basis.

Check back on a regular basis for stories, information, experiences and the occassional recipe on what’s going on in our local food industry. You can also check out my Vessel Meats facebook page, at Alderney Farmer’s Market on Saturdays or on twitter @vesselmeats.

See you at the Market!

Really Simple Tomato Soup (or Sauce!)


Finally the greenhouses are starting again, to produce delicious fresh vegetables. Once spring kicks into action it always surprises me how quickly things come on. Although two weeks ago we were still withstanding blizzards; tomatoes, spinach, peppers and mesclun mix is already coming out of the greenhouses! Personally, I am so so SO happy to have tomatoes back in my life. Tomato sauce, tomato soup, tomato sandwiches are some of my favourite things. I figured out this method for making tomato soup – well, a thick tomato soup or a thin tomato sauce with old(er) tomatoes and basic things you have in your fridge, it’s super easy and has a really cool science aspect to it as well! Read More…

Braised Thai Coconut Beef Cheeks


Wow it’s been so long since I’ve posted, where does the time fly? I’m not sure if I mentioned it earlier but I’ve been working at a butcher part time for about five months now. Aside from taking up even more of my time, I am slowly learning the ins and out of butchering. Besides being able to learn a lot more about an industry which I knew very little about, I also have new-found access to meats and parts which I never would have had access too before. Read More…

Foxhill Chocolate Milk Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream


Soooo this finally happened… I’ve been thinking about making Chocolate Ice Cream from Foxhill’s Chocolate Milk… basically ever since I learned about their Chocolate Milk. Read More…

Chicken with Bacon Jalapeno Cheddar Waffles Garlic Mash and Umami Corn


2014 will be the year of the waffle in my world, since Santa pulled through this holiday and brought me an amazing non-stick waffle machine…. To answer your question no, you can never tire of waffles… Especially delicious Bacon Cheddar Waffles like the ones in this recipe. Read More…

Veggi Stuffed Moose Roulade and Gomae Kale Salad


Since I’m slowly trying to work my way back from my 2 month blogging hiatus, I thought I’d start with something I made that I am most particularly proud of. I was given a lean piece of moose steak from one of my customers (did I ever mention how AWESOME my job is??) and racked my brain trying to think what to do with it. I have experience cooking wild game before and I know if you cook it too long it will be tough. The solution was pound the meat out thin so it didn’t have to be cooked long, and add a bit of an asian flair to the theme of the dinner. A thick peanut cream sauce, mushrooms, asparagus and crispy leeks made a delicious flavour and texture combination, with a gomae inspired kale salad from a recent trip to a sushi restaurant.  Read More…

Epic Dinner Nights

I have a friend who is a really good cook. He’s worked in kitchens and as a baker off and on. And lately we’ve been getting together and cooking “epic dinners”. Basically exactly as it sounds… Dreaming up comfort foods and creating dinners of epic proportion. Read More…

Corn Chowder


As you once again may have noticed, it has been a long time since I’ve posted. And I have a confession to make, I really don’t want to write this post. Ignoring my blog has really been the metaphorical monkey on my back lately and it was only over the past few days that I really figured out why… Read More…

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