About Me

About Me

Brianna - Author of ConstantVesselHi there, my name is Brianna and thanks for checking out my space. I am the author of “vessel” and it has been a changing work in progress for me over the past few years.

My adventures in food started in 2007 after working in a specialty grocery store and being exposed to the wonderful world of food. I am a self-taught cook whose only real goals are to make delicious things that I can put in my mouth.

I also started paying a lot of attention to “fake food” and truly believe that natural ingredients will always taste better then artificial ingredients and so I strive to keep everything natural as possible.

Fairly recently I made another food change in my life when I decided to quit my boring office career to work for a farmers market full time that sells exclusively local products from my native province of Nova Scotia. I love working in this environment and I love learning about the food and how it’s produced. I love working with the people and passing on the information I have learned.

My philosophy on buying local is that we live in a global economy and there are things here that we cannot produce; avocados, olives, lemons and limes… BUT when given the chance we should eat and buy local whenever possible. Nova Scotia has PHENOMENAL resources and products here (can anyone say maple syrup?) and with a little extra time and effort it is really easy to support and eat local.

So that is my local rant and that is what I’m about. I recently moved to the “darkside” to be closer to work and I truly believed I moved to the best community in Halifax. There are so many exciting things going on here in Nova Scotia’s food movement and I’m really excited to be a part of it.

You can find out more about my blog, specifically about its name by clicking here:

What’s in a name?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you check back here often, and hopefully pick up a recipe or two. Feel free to contact me at brianna[at]constantvessel.com




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