Epic Dinner Nights

Epic Dinner Nights

I have a friend who is a really good cook. He’s worked in kitchens and as a baker off and on. And lately we’ve been getting together and cooking “epic dinners”. Basically exactly as it sounds… Dreaming up comfort foods and creating dinners of epic proportion. Thus far these dinners have been thrown together on the fly and recipes haven’t been written down. None the less, I still want to have documented some of the delicious things we’ve made thus far….

It all started with a lowly BLT sandwich…


This sandwich inspired with fresh local field tomatoes back in August was the epitamy of local with everything being made and grown right in Nova Scotia, except for the mayo (sorry it just has to be Hellmann’s). Baking the bacon right in the oven make it evenly crisp and kept it flat. So simple and perfect for this sandwich.

I’m not sure exactly what came next… Whether it was poutine with sweet and white potatoes, turkey and duck fat gravy, goat cheese curds with savoury dressing, ginger beef with shanghai noodles, mushroom mac and cheese with swiss, jalapeno gouda and BOURSIN (seriously this stuff is like the crack of cheese)

Sweet and White Potato Poutine with Turkey & Duck Fat Gravy Savoury Dressing and Goat Cheese Curds

Ginger Beef with Shanghai Noodles

Mushroom and Three Cheese Mac and Cheese with Corn Chowder

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  1. WHY did I move to Ontario?!? WHYYYYYYYYYYY 🙁
    Er, I mean, that all looks so good, just wish I could have some 😉

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